St Mary of the Hills School was founded in San Isidro in 1979, together with a group of families who trusted the founding members project, Ms Claudia Borrás , Ms Gloria Linares and Ms Graciela Borrás Xanthopoulos.


As women of faith and Educators at heart, with vocation and academic formation, they had a dream: opening a school with a high educational level, fluent English and above all a firm Christian formation that would favour students to develop their talents with a strong commitment at the service of others.

Father Jorge Castagnet was their strong support and backbone not only choosing their school motto but sharing his wise advice as a priest and educator as well.


St Mary´s first day was March 7 th , 1979, in a vintage house in Lomas de San Isidro where they had a sign that assured us it was the adequate place - a beautiful image of Our Lady ,that is still with them nowadays and presides St. Mary´s entrance. The first kinder and first form started there.


After moving several times, and very pleased at fulfilling their objectives, they finally reached their main aim: the building of San Fernandos premises. Not only did they expand our building but they did so as a community as well, having many families backing us up.


The year of our first graduates: In the search of Academic formation that promoted the English Language having the full capacity to face both University and the working world, the Overall Team worked intensely in completing their pedagogical project.


As from that year, students graduated as ¨Bachiller Modalizado Bilingue en Ciencias y Letras¨ and, at an International level, they began to sit for International Exams: International General Certificate of Secondary Education, (I.G.C.S.E) University of Cambridge, as well as the International Baccalaurate, Geneva,(I.B)


They were granted the possibility of offering Middle School which allowed us to articulate the last years of Primary together with Secondary syllabus.


After deep study into the advantages of Co-Education they incorporated boys in kinder, added to our Educational Project. Having boys with them, they adapted motto and school badge standing by our values, faithful to their fifteen years´ experience.


Together with the Educational project, St Mary became one of the first schools to achieve the Bilingual Educational Project.


After a strong petition from a family at school, they took on children with different capacities and thank God they did so. As from then, they have incorporated new inclusive capacities, together with the support of families, Official Curriculum and our Community.


Pilar premises became a new project due to so many families´ petition wanting to join us. The same project of San Fernando was put into practice. The path and recognition were guaranteed by the same group of professionals and Heads who undertook this challenge since its opening on 2001.


Our Overall Head, Graciela Borrás Xanthopoulos became member of the Founding Board of the International Baccalaurate (I.B.).This naming represented the Heads of I.B. throughout Latin America.


Debate becomes part of our curriculum. St. Mary is a member of A.D.A. (Argentine Debate Association) which is also a member of Panamerican Debate and Council of the World School of Debate. Both Institutions foster pupils from the whole of America plus 68 other countries.


Graciela Borrás Xanthopoulos is named Head of the ¨Educational Scholastic Society of the River Plate¨ (ESSARP).


Pilar site welcomes their first students of Polimodal.


First promotion of Bilingual Polimodal graduates in Pilar premises. At the same time, St. Mary Founding site celebrates 30 years together with Pilar, sharing the first ¨Solidarity Marathon¨.


Our students are chosen to take part in the National Debate Team that took place in Bermuda; Thailand in 2014, and Los Angeles, in 2015.


Pupils, ex pupils, teachers and school staff enjoyed an unusual Saturday: First year sharing St Mary´s day with both premises. Cultural, artistic, sports, games and recreational activities took place. It was really a great time!


International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is put into practice. English and Spanish staff worked simultaneously in an interdisciplinary manner so as to face issues in a creative way both in investigation and communication.
¨Learning to learn¨( Aprender a Aprender, A P) is started in the Secondary School. This aims at reversing the teaching and learning role; turning students into authonomous subjects in the acquisition of knowledge, and the teacher, facilitator of the process.


By incorporating concentration and relaxation techniques in our daily lives, Mindfulness is now part of our Emotional Education proyect. Through breathing, atention to our senses and feelings, students manage to connect with their inner self developing inter and intrapersonal tools.


One to One
We gradually began with the "one to one" project (one computer per student). The objective is to use the devices as a learning tool. With this resource we will leverage the work systematizing the use of the devices for different subjects.


New spaces are built in Sede Fudadora that facilitate the development of new pedagogical practices and enrich our educational proposal.

Nowadays, the members of Saint Mary´s Board of Directors is committed to the continuity of granting students an adequate education for the world today. An education sustained in Christian values so that, wherever they are, they may put their talents to help others.