Primary School

St Mary of the Hills is a co-ed bilingual Catholic School, aiming at full development of each child´s talents. We encourage our students to seek excellence and display their own potential in all areas, discovering their own interests and developing their virtues.

Our philosophy is to offer students a wide range of opportunities in each learning level, stimulating their self-esteem and confidence. We carry out a flexible and coherent curriculum, which includes creative plans and study programmes; and individualized methodologies.

We foster the development of an Education of excellence which integrates faith and culture, and enables our student to discover and broaden their potential, thus coping with the needs of our world today.

Our Focus

  • Close follow up of our students as a response to their needs.
  • Emotional Educational Programme which enables the knowledge of oneself and the interaction with others.
  • Integral formation in values inspired in the Gospel.
  • Graded teachers, committed with their jobs and their own professional formation.
  • A bilingual plan which facilitates the integration of the English and Spanish departments.
  • Curriculum based on the development of thinking and emotional abilities.
  • Teaching of meta-cognitive strategies which favour the autonomy and decision making.
  • Methodology based on cooperative work which take mistakes as a means of learning.
  • Teaching of Reading Comprehension and Study Technique Strategies.
  • Development of Artistic Languages, Art, Music and Drama as a means of creative expression.
  • The Jolly Phonics Programme, a system of reading and writing based on synthetic phonetics, which allows the process of writing in a second language.
  • Implementation of IPC: an all area programme which approaches significative themes for the development of cognitive and meta-cognitive abilities.

Our Educational Programme is an all across programme which is included in every level.

Our daily task is centered in the creation of moments of affection, joy and trust which allow children to develop their own talents.

The creation of an atmosphere of joy, affection and accompaniment for each child is a highlight of the school.