Psychological Support Department

Personalized Education is one of the main objectives that sustains our Pedagogical Project. Being aware of our students needs and timing, respecting both, we promote different ways of stimuli and accompaniment, both affective and cognitive, in their school development.

In order to be updated with new demands, our Psychology Department is continually investigating as well as training staff. This allows us to provide new strategies for Primary and Secondary teachers, facilitating the process of teaching and learning, together with preventive action, collaborating both in group activity and the individual guidance of each pupil. To achieve this aim, the role of the tutor is essential in the secondary school.

Our Educational Emotional Project is all across in the three levels of education. It aims at every student not only to be aware of themselves and others, but identifying and handling their emotions, accepting differences, showing empathy and solidarity as well as leadership. i.e. Essential aspects forming an integrated personality.

Students´ workshops, together with external professionals, provide a means of reflection on subjects and different issues they are going through during this evolutionary stage.

During the last years of Secondary school, Vocational Guidance and Professional Practice are the link for our students to find their vocation, plus their insertion in the world of work.

Guiding parent´s, together with external professionals in all levels, are fundamental tools so as to connect different strategies in order to find the most adequate way to improve or prevent any issue that might crop up.

St Mary ´s integration favours our Educational Community learning to accept differences, enriching all our team who share our daily task. To integrate a child with special educational needs is a way to help and develop their skills within their possibilities.