PS General Guidelines:

Our School Guidelines are set in order to obtain a better organization and clear co-existence. We believe that having a joint sustain on these guidelines will allow us to dedicate more time to pedagogical issues, avoiding interruptions within group activities, thus reinforcing the best security during Entry and Exit.


ENTRY and EXIT HOURS are the following:


Morning Shift:
8.15 to 12.15 am

Afternoon shift:
12.45 to 4.25pm.


Morning Shift:
8.30 a 11.55 am

Afternoon shift:
12.45 a 4.30 pm


Morning Shift:
8.30 a 12.45 am

Afternoon shift:
1.30 a 4.30 pm

Students may neither enter nor leave during each shift. Any child, who must leave so as to attend any specific treatment, must have an authorization from Head Office.


  • Punctuality during lining up hours (830am), is not only an important habit to instill, but also allows to be present for community prayer and rising of the flag.
  • If a student is late, he/she must wait until lining up has ended. If entering when students are already in class, they may not go into their classroom-They will wait in Secretary´s office until next period.


  • Afternoon shift ends at 4.30pm.
  • Students will only be allowed to leave with persons who have been previously authorized by parents; with permit signed at the beginning of the year. School staff is not allowed to accept any changes through text message, e-mail or phone call. They are not officially valid.
  • We recommend having authorizations signed at the beginning of the year in order to allow relatives, or other parents or school families to pick up students in case of a last minute situation or mishap.

Uniform and Belongings:


  • Students must attend school with required uniform.
  • Girls must have hair tidily tied up, and boys with a neat haircut.


  • All belongings, including lunch boxes and plastic recipients must have a label with student´s name.
  • Cell phones, tablets and any other electronic device are not allowed at school, unless they are required for any specific school activity.
  • Material left at home may not be reached to students during school hours.

We aim at cooperation between school and families so that our students become responsible, not only arriving punctually, but having the necessary material needed for their daily activities. They should be able to solve any inconvenience caused by not having what is necessary, thus not interrupting lessons because of this situation.

Medicines and Doctor´s Certificate

  • In order to carry out stated rules, teachers /staff are not allowed to administer any kind of medicine to students. We suggest parents to reach school and deliver the necessary medicine, if possible during breaks.
  • If a student is absent because of illness, a doctor´s certificate must be issued when returning to school activities.

Timetable for different needs

  • Book/uniform shop and dining room will attend parents from 8:30 to 9:00 am and 1:00 to 1:30 pm
  • During those hours parents can check in ¨lost/found¨ baskets to search for missing material.
  • Administration hours will be as from 8.30 to 12 am.
  • Interview with teacher must be issued through communication copybook or writing an email to:
    Kinder –
    Primary –


  • Daily routine change can be issued through communication copybook (i.e. change in exit hours, authorization for birthday parties, etc.).
  • Any requirement for private meeting should be sent in sealed envelope or personal interview.
  • If any inconvenience, send e-mail to, specifying which Department it is sent to.