Pastoral Department

One of the main objectives which sustain the School´s Educational Project is Faith Education. This is done across the three levels of schooling. From the Pastoral Department we want all people to find a personal and amiable encounter with Jesus. That, being loved by a merciful Father, they may love each other and feel family, following God´s pedagogy which is that of Jesus and the Church. Within a systematic and organized catechetic programme we cover the whole school itinerary thus achieving our aims.

We try to coordinate the school mission, answering six catechetic tasks: that faith may be celebrated lived, turned into prayer and announced.

Catechetic tasks:

  • a. Encourage the knowledge of faith.
  • b. Educate for liturgy.
  • c. Instruct morally
  • d. Teach how to pray.
  • e. Educate for community life and mission.

Each of these tasks is implied mutually and aims at the student´s integral development.

Because of this we understand that the school supports the document issued about The Catholic school: …..¨Catholic schools must become a place of encounter for all those who want to testimony the Christian values through education… ¨because the project tends at being close to Christ, who represents all values in faith. But faith is assimilated, above all, through people who daily live close to reality; Christian faith awakens and grows within a community.¨

Our project is also in concordance with:

  • The Mission and Values of the Institution.
  • Pastoral guideline according to the dioceses we belong to.
  • Plan for Schools Christian formation.
  • General Catechetic Directory.

On their journey we accompany our students to value the Gospel in order to cultivate evangelic values and become upright people, showing their deep concern for others, and the vast mission they have to accomplish as Christians. Our project favours an integral formation, aware and ready for permanent mission always announcing the Word.