We are very happy to tell you that this year we will have a new dining service called EAT (Transformative Food Education), a comprehensive food service specialized in the educational sector.
Childhood and adolescence are the stages of life in where habits and behaviors are determined that will have consequences in the rest of life.
For this reason we must be concerned about the quality of food within the school environment, considering the importance it has in the development of children.< br>At EAT they understand the crucial role that food plays in development. For this reason, schools are fundamental allies for the generation of healthy habits, educating children comprehensively.
This motivated us to bring our Transformative Food Education proposal that provides delicious, nutritious, healthy food to students throughout the school year. . At the same time, we promote interest and learning, through theoretical-practical experiences and workshops for the entire educational community.
Together with EAT we are committed to:
- Generate a more appropriate school environment for the development of your children
- Be your ally to maintain and generate healthy eating habits
- Give your children a richer, healthier and more nutritious diet
- Give them greater benefits, at affordable prices