Physical Education Department

Physical Education is one of our main objectives throughout all the three levels. The Physical Education Department contributes to form a state of equilibrium and harmony between the students´ movements and their bodies; to determine their corporal identity and to help them form a controlled image of themselves, so that they are able to manage their bodies according to their wishes. In addition, Physical Education contributes to build social roles favouring communication and relationships with their equals through group work and group activity. Teachers in this department encourage fair play through rugby, football, hockey, athletics and sports in general.

  • We work to develop and increase physical fitness.
  • Moral values are encouraged through a sporting activity which is both competitive and recreational.
  • We stimulate our students to incorporate attitudes of cooperation, solidarity and care for themselves and others in shared physical exercises.
  • Students represent different Houses and compete with respect and responsibility guided by their Head Captains.
  • We organize International Exchanges which stimulate a true spirit of comradeship.
  • Through camps, students learn to develop activities in the open air and to share experiences with their fellow students.



Ligas Deportivas a las que pertenece SMH

A.D.E. (Asociación Deportiva Estudiantil)
A.C.O.B.I. (Asociación de Colegios Bilingües)
Liga de Hockey.