IT Department

CIT offers multiple instructional opportunities which are part of student´s everyday life. Technology is part of every area. In order to facilitate learning, technology is included in every subject as a tool for investigation, analysis and production of assignments; in this way, technology is part of the educational experience.

The use of the computer is promoted not only on its own, but as a tool in every form and subject. This technological tool, in constant change, is presented so as to have access to information and develop abilities and competitions.

Students are given all possible tools and means so as to face the near future. Lessons are planned together with teachers so as to be updated in different areas. Programme designs and on line Apps are added to the already given tools. Some of these are used collaboratively. Most importantly, they are used in different areas, (Photoshop, Excel in Mathematics.) Classrooms are provided with smart boards, sound equipment, projectors and Interactive boards from Kinder 5 to year 6 in Secondary Education. Students may bring their own devices (BYOD) or borrow school equipment.

IIn this global world, where information has become essential, our aim is to educate individuals who will use technology as a tool to increase creativity in the development of new tasks enabling them to use it in university and at work.

In this way students can adapt to constant change developing critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.

Our school is open to new technology. We encourage the responsible use of it and the understanding of ethical and moral implications in the use of technology at the service of mankind.

Aware of the need of permanent updating to achieve educational service that is efficient and enriching, we take up constant improvement courses.